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Departed U.S. Marines of the Korean DMZ, Section 1


Clark Ashton

Capt (Colonel) Clark Ashton USMC was the second commanding officer, Capt (Major) Samuel G Goich USMC was the first, of the First Provisional Demilitarized Zone Police Company. Capt (Colonel) Noble Beck USMC (the third and last commanding officer) relieved Capt Ashton on September 6, 1954 during a formal change-of-command ceremony. Three USMC platoons and one KMC platoon witnessed Capt Ashton hand his successor the company colors.

In a farewell speech, Capt Ashton said, "I've accomplished the dream of every commanding officer, commanding a select group of the finest men. Because of your actions, I have received more credit than was due me. Thank you for your cooperation."

Patrolling demilitarized zones was not new to Capt Ashton, who served with the UN observer team in Palestine in 1948. His next duty assignment took him to Marine Barracks, Eighth and I Streets, Washington, D.C.

Col Ashton was born in Nebraska January 5, 1921 and died February 21, 1988. Col Ashton is buried in Section 64, Site 871, Arlington National Cemetery. If you visit Arlington, stop in and pay Col Clark a visit. He will appreciate it. 



Breakfast of Warriors 


15 pounds chipped beef

1 pound butter

1¼ pounds flour

3 cups evaporated milk

1 bunch parsley

½ ounce black pepper

6 quarts beef stock


Brown flour in melted butter.

Dissolve milk in beef stock.

Pour in pot; bring to simmer.

Stir slowly; prevent lumping.

Add chipped beef.

Stir; simmer 15 minutes.

Add chopped parsley.

Serve on toast with Tabasco 

and strong black coffee to a Marine Rifle Squad, point them towards the enemy, and step aside.







Recipe Addendum

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